How Did Ronald Reagan Influence Effective Communication

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Successful global leaders are skilled at recognizing needs for change and effectively communicating those needs as a positive opportunity. They embrace vision and opportunity and challenge mediocrity and stagnation. The effective global leader will inspire followers to greater creativity, innovation, and achievement through effective communication. Effective leadership communication consists of those messages that provide meaningful information to all stakeholders. It is communication that is honest, genuine, and intentional, inspiring trust and confidence between the leader and followers.
The Great Communicator Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, on February 6, 1911, to Edward “Jack” Reagan, a shoe sales clerk, and Nelle …show more content…

When he took office, the United States was facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, with high unemployment, high interest rates, and a high inflation rate. President Reagan’s communication to the nation consisted of information that was relevant and meaningful, reflected a vision for the future, and communicated clearly his mission and the culture of his administration. His communication occurred timely and routinely, using a mechanism he was highly experienced and effective with, the public media. President Reagan’s communication followed Baldoni’s (2003) Leadership Communications Model, in that it contained significance, values, cadence, and consistency. Senator Mike Lee (2014) is quoted saying Reagan had,
The cadence of confidence. He had the cadence of courage. He had the cadence of compassion. The next time you place a call to the Reagan Ranch, you should hope to be put on hold. If you are lucky enough to have that happen to you, you will hear that confident cadence of courage in the voice of Ronald

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