The Pros And Cons Of Blind Obedience

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Anything is a double-edged sword and so does obedience. Obedience has many functions. Submissiveness to a authentic leader is indispensable to win a war, and also, it provides stability for a country. From another point of view, it will lead to chaos and confusions in an institution without obedience. On the contrary, submission also has some limitations. When people are instructed, they have capacities to do evil and blind obedience sometimes leads to disasters. Being obedient to a reassuring leader will make it easy to win a war. In the American Revolutionary War, George Washington acted a pivotal part. Before he was appointed to be the president, all the decisions had to be made by the Continental Congress. It is a prolix process from a decision was proposed to this decision was adopted. Assuming that the army needs food supplies, and this require will be discussed in the Continental congress for several mouths. That will be a nightmare to this army. As a result, people did not think this congress was reliable. American needed a leader they can rely on and trust. The president of Washington enable them to be more confident in the war, and because of this, they extraordinarily devoted to Washington. The widespread obedience made millions of …show more content…

A famous solider of Nazi called Adolf Eichmann who was appointed to be the head of Jewish-genocide mission. Almost all the Jewish killed during that time were related to him. After the II World War, he was caught by solider of the United States, but he escaped. He had escaped for a long time, and finally caught by Argentine. He was accused with fifteen different accusations. Every time he spoke in defense of himself, he claimed that he just simply followed the order from his superiors. Obedience is the vocation of a solider, but it does not mean solider must carry out unethically inhuman order without any thinking. Blind obedience in this case caused a huge massacre to

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