The Importance Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage Minimum wage in America is poverty it creates a wage lower than the living wage. It 's only backbone of support is social welfare and the affordable care act medicaid and obama care so people who have low wage paying jobs and minimum wage has to rely on taxpayers and the government to pay with their subsidizes, Because social welfare no longer becomes support but becomes a lifestyle. Minimum wage is set by the Department of labor, and fair labor standards act they set a minimum wage and a overtime pay. Why isn 't minimum wage raised to living wage or out of poverty level? Because if minimum wage goes up so does the prices of goods. There has been several Different ideas to keep inflation …show more content…

There are many other things you apply for to make more money. I can apply for cash assistance. I can apply for income. I can apply for free health. It is lazy but some people truly need it and deserve that kind of welfare. If they raised the minimum wage and took more money in taxes for things like social welfare i think it would help bring us out of poverty. And help many of those in poverty. Raising the minimum wage can be risky but us much needed there needs to be a way they can make it happen without making things worse. They don’t need to raise it so high it makes the prices go way up i think they just need to raise it to living wage and not poverty and keep the prices of goods the same and i think it would get more money flowing and things wouldn 't seem so expensive that is needed to live in today’s modern world. Two extra dollars an hour can go a long way and could eliminate tax deductions for things like social welfare because as we escape out of poverty less money from that would be needed to get spent and would save the government money also put more money in our pockets. By not paying so much subsides and People who have fast food jobs or jobs paying minimum wage wouldn 't worry about bringing in money for themselves because living wage would be minimum wage and is stable. Why punish the people who work minimum wage jobs because somebody has to work that job and if they don 't get paid enough they have to rely on something to help them get by raising minimum wage to living wage would a lot more people be independent not just from the government but from other people because one person with a minimum wage job don 't pay rent don 't pay all their bills but bringing in living wage compared to minimum wage would help if there wasn 't

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