What Are The Major Social Issues In The Well-Shaped American Society

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A concerning issue in the well-shaped American society Today, there are many well-shaped societies all over the world, such as the American society. However, there are no societies in the world without issues that concerns them. Although people from poor countries would believe that the American society is perfect, just like the Utopian society, there is no perfect society. The “perfect” American society is, in fact, affected by a lot of social issues. One of the major social issues in the US is poverty. “In 2014, the official poverty rate was 14.8 percent” (Census). This percentage represents approximately 46.7 million American people. Back in 2008, the official poverty rate was down at 13.2 percent, which means that the poverty in USA …show more content…

In the US the system that distributes and produces is capitalistic. Basically, this means that the assets and means of production in the country are based on private ownership (Wikipedia). The capitalistic system is organized in a way that does not include the fellowship, only private individuals (Socialist World). In other words, the capitalism is bad for the fellowship. In fact, capitalism has, together with poverty, led to a series of other issues. You could say that poverty is the “driving force” behind many of the social issues in the US. One could have made a long list of social issues caused by poverty. To begin with, one of the most problematic issues for the poor is that many of them are socially excluded from the society (Poverties). If you are poor, it is quite normal that you will not achieve a good education. Of course there are many poor people who will succeed, but most of the poor will remain uneducated. The biggest reason behind this is the class divide. In the US, poor people are often despised by people who are not poor, which causes it harder for poor people to get into higher education. This may explain that those who are below the poverty-line are often trapped …show more content…

However, the best possible solution in this case-scenario, is to expand the minimum wages and create new jobs for unemployed people. If this measure was put through, millions of people with low wages would be lifted out of poverty. Actually, “raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, would lift more than 4 million people out of poverty” (AmericanProgress). As well as creating new jobs, this would have played a major role in the fight against poverty. These measures, along with other economic measures would ensure a growth of the middle-class, and a decreasing of the poor. We have seen before, that it is possible for America to dramatically cut poverty: “between 1959 and 1973, a strong economy, investments in family economic security, and new civil rights protections helped cut the U.S. poverty rate in half” (AmericanProgress). All in all, economic measures that provide benefits for the poor, are the most effective way to deal with

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