Mathematics: The Complexities Of Teaching Mathematics

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Mathematics is the science of reasoning and computations. It is the science or study of numbers, quantities or shapes. Kitta (as cited by Michael 2015), defined mathematics as the language that helps us to describe ideas and relationships drawn from the environment. Mathematics enables one to make the invisible to be visible, thereby solving problems that would be impossible otherwise. It is then the responsibility of mathematics teachers to make math known to students as mathematics is a necessity for survival. The quality of teaching and learning mathematics has been one of the major challenges and concerns of educators here and abroad. As Boaler writes the opinion: Our future depends on mathematical thinking, but math trauma extends across our country – and the world – due to the ineffective ways the subject is often taught in classrooms, as a narrow set of…show more content…
June of 2013 marked the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum in the Philippines. K to 12 curriculum comprises of kindergarten up to grade12. The mandatory start of the

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