The Importance Of The American Dream In Death Of A Salesman

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When one thinks about the American dream, there are common themes that pop up in everyone’s dream of making it big in the USA. These dreams can span from living lavishly or just to make enough money to support oneself. In the play, Death of A Salesman, written by Arthur Miller, the character Charley believes that character and quality equate to success. Along with this, in an interview conducted with Atul Chodhry, my father who moved to America to try and complete his American dream, believes that like Charley, one mustn’t give up, and keep diligence in order to reach the American dream of owning a well operated business. Both my father and Charley believed that to achieve one’s American Dream, one cannot be afraid of the hardships that comes with trying to reach one’s goals, nor be afraid to give it time, and in the end, the dedication will pay off, and with great values, anything is reachable when one wants to go for his/her dream. Atul Chodhry believes that great values, time and dedication are the core reason to how American Dreams get achieved. Before Atul came to America, he worked as a general physician in India, helping out the many patients that came to him. However, he did not want his kids to live the same life, with the only options for work being doctor and engineer, so he and his wife decided to apply for a permanent residence or green card, in order to live in America. This was approved in 2007, with his entire family stepping foot in America by 2008. Atul
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