The Influence Of Macbeth In The Great Gatsby

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Macbeths love and belief in lady Macbeth. Which goes to the extent of Macbeth letting lady Macbeth convince him to kill the king to become king himself, and gain the power. She comes across as a very influential woman of great strength and determination as of act three scene two in which the viscous plan of convincing Macbeth to kill Duncan is masterminded. “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.” – guidance and influence During 'The Great Gatsby', the influence of Daisy plays on Gatsby's mind until his death. In a past life, Gatsby and Daisy had very strong feelings for each other before she and Tom became married. These feelings have long since left Daisy yet she still has a strong influence in Gatsby's life bringing to …show more content…

The fact that Macbeth had committed treason by killing Duncan fed his paranoia and could only ensure his safety by more action. Macbeth was aware that Banquo could suspect him of committing this crime and could not afford to let him be which lead only to one conclusion, the death of him and his family. In this way Macbeth takes on a more tyrannical view towards those he believes might succeed or even kill him. Gatsby had the money that he needed to win daisy over with al of the lavish parties and having his mansion, and as he uses nick to follow daisy and reconnect with her, Gatsby comes to the realisation that daisy does have someone else and their connection is foreign to him. Gatsby had left for the longest time with the intention of coming back and winning her over with all of the money that he had forged and this fake made up life that he had created for himself, throwing lavish parties and had a no invitation policy among the residents of east and west egg. The parties brought a lot of attention from the cities around the west

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