Summary Of The Great Gatsby's Carraways

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Quickwrite - Carraways

The Carraways are a wealthy, upper-class family in the mid-west. The Carraways are a family whose members like to follow in each other's footsteps. Nick Carraway, like his father 25 years before, graduated from New Haven in 1915. Following his graduation, Nick participated in World War I, much like his great-uncle did in the American Civil War. Nick’s father also established morals in Nick that parallel his, to never judge a person based off of first impressions because you don’t know what that person has been through. Nick began to break away from his family traditions with World War I. Following his graduation, Nick participated in World War I, unlike his great-uncle as he sent a substitute to the American Civil War. With a hesitant, but supportive family, Nick sought to move east to New York and try his hand in the …show more content…

“When I came opposite her house that morning her white roadster was beside the curb, and she was sitting in it with a lieutenant I had never seen before. They were so engrossed in each other that she didn’t see me until I was five feet away...The officer looked at Daisy while she was speaking, in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at sometime, and because it seemed so romantic to me I have remembered the incident since. His name was Jay Gatsby...” (Pg.81). Sadly, their relationship was cut short by Gatsby leaving for the war and their separation really affected both Daisy and Gatsby who haven’t recovered since. “ her mother had found her packing her bag one winter night to go to New York and say goodbye to a soldier who was going overseas...After that she didn’t play around with the soldiers any more...” (Pg.81). As the reader can see from the passage, Daisy and Gatsby had a very close and intimate relationship that neither has recovered from following their abrupt

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