The Internet Is Changing The Mind In The Shallows By Nicholas Carr

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Nicholas Carr in The Shallows (2010) asserts that the internet is changing the very way people live today. Carr supports this assertion by providing key points of how the Internet changed so much like how he did in this quote “With the exception of alphabets and number systems, the Net may well be the single most powerful mind-altering technology that has ever come into general use. At the very least, it’s the most powerful that has come along since the book” (Carr, 2010, pg.118). The writer concludes that everyday life in the modern age includes the use of the Internet. The writer establishes a direct tone to readers that the way people think is changing due to the Internet. The brain is not the straightforward machine it once was thought to be; it is actually quite flexible. different regions of the brain are associated with different mental functions, but the cellular components do not form permanent structures or play rigid roles. The brain is able to change with experiences, circumstances, and needs so now that the Internet is so influential today the way people think is often changed. Today even the Internet is an extension of the human will. People can express their thoughts throughout the Net on social media. We can find things to learn from on the Net like Google. People can even manage to search for things on the Internet to help reshape the environment. The Internet is just so involved in our daily lives that people are constantly relying on it.
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