The Journey Of Malcolm X: A Hero's Journey

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Many people claim a hero is someone “special” no one normal can be a hero. What if I told you that people that are a hero to you thought they were normal until they went on their hero 's journey and discovered themselves? A hero 's journey comes in steps which are the Normal World, Call to Adventure, Refusal of the call, Mentor, Start the journey,Tests, Allies, Supreme ordeal, and lastly the Resolution. I 'm going to take you through the steps of Malcolm X’s hero 's journey. Malcolm X as we all know was a inspirational activist, but his hero’s journey was extremely unique. Let us take a look at Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) who was recognized worldwide as a mythologist, also working with comparative religion too. One of his many books, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which has sold over a million copies and translated into twenty languages. Campbells concept, also called the monomyth, details on how all stories, fiction or nonfiction, follow a certain pattern. The pattern is people go through the “key Steps” in their life, even though sometimes you do not realize it. Step One is a “Normal World” which is a world a person is used to. For example, most kids are used to school and when you get out of school it is a new world you have to get accustomed to. There is a chart in the Hero 's Journey and it states “every rule, and its concept to our everyday life” from start to finish (5). Next , Alex Haley’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X is an amazing book to illustrate Campbell 's

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