The Letter That Went Viral Analysis

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How do you make a kid a good baseball player? According to Mike Matheny who wrote “The Letter That Went Viral”, it is not hitting home runs, or being the fastest baserunner, it is about being a good sport to one another. Hustlin and not losing focus are qualities of good sportsmanship. In this inspirational essay, we see a coach shifting the focus on how it is good to have a lot of sportsmanship. I agree with Mike Matheny that if you want to be a good baseball player, you need good sportsmanship. To show this is true, consider the body paragraphs of characteristics of a good sport, and being a good baseball player. Kids that become baseball players should have a lot of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship helps with making good friends. It also helps with showing people that you are kind to one another. Being a sport to people shows a lot of respect. When you show respectfulness, you show that you are kind to one another at all times. Matheny explained how he wants his players to have good sportsmanship in his main goals. The main goals were to teach the boys …show more content…

The three characteristics were attitude, effort, and concentration. (352). Attitude helps with being a good baseball player by making players supportive of each other. It also helps keeps the player motivated in order to help it achieve, and do its best. Effort comes through being a good baseball player because the more effort you show, the better outcome you get. The final characteristic, concentration, is a good thing for being a good baseball player. Concentration helps committing less mistakes, and a better overall player. Through these character traits, Matheny says that these are the good characteristics of being a good player. With good sportsmanship, and being a good player, his team should go very well. It would be interesting to see how well he does with this idea, applied through a whole

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