Benefits Of Playing Baseball Essay

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Parents have many reasons why they don’t want their kid to play baseball, but there are better reasons why they should. A lot of websites say that it’s better to play baseball than football with lots of evidence behind that statement. Therefore, children should play baseball because it helps them socially and keeps them healthy. One reason that parents should let their kids play baseball is the social/mental process in this sport. According to Brian Smith that mental focus is the key to success to all stages in baseball. He states that the team with the best focus wins the game. I think that focus is a really big part of baseball. I think that because you have to know what to do with the ball if it’s hit to you, also if you strike out then you have to focus not to throw a fit. According to Wade Harle with teamwork it’s easier to play baseball also it’s easier to …show more content…

According to Health revolution, pitching and batting requires a great amount of hand eye coordination. I think that hand eye coordination is a really big part in baseball because you do most of it with your hands and without good hand eye coordination it’s hard to do good, but that’s why people play this sport is to help with hand eye coordination. Also health fitness revolution says that baseball is a good stress reliever. They state that getting involved in a game of baseball develops mental focus, concentration and refreshes the mind from everyday distractions. Baseball is a really good stress reliever because it takes your mind off of everything while you're playing, it because it makes you focus a lot. Health fitness revolution confirms that cardiovascular training is a big part in baseball. They say that cardio exercise strengthens your heart muscle and improves lung capacity. Running around the field for the ball and running around the bases after you hit are a big part in cardiovascular

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