The Macho Paradox Analysis

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In chapter nine of his book The Macho Paradox, Jackson Katz states the point that “It takes a Village to Rape a Women”, the point he is getting across, is that are culture is so caught up in its ways, that rape and violence against women is almost becoming a normal thing or something that is not as big as a problem as it should be. He gives a few examples of this in our American culture. One example is the sexual allegations that were brought up against NBA basketball player for the L.A. Lakers, Kobe Bryant. In this case, “the explosion of victim-blaming unleashed” (Katz, 2006, 154). Instead of blaming the person who was accused (a very popular and loved NBA All-Star), people started to point the finger at the nineteen-year-old who blamed Bryant for sexually assaulting her asking questions like: “Why did she go up to his room? Didn’t she know what to expect?” (Katz, 2006, 154). It seemed like the majority of people were on Bryant’s side of things just because of the fact that he was a popular (powerful) male athlete that most people loved, and because of that people could not see him raping anyone. Another example of a celebrity who has purposely or un-purposely perpetuated rape in today’s culture is rapper Eminem. In many of his raps, Eminem uses extremely vaguer and violent language, mainly against women. Talking about “cutting”, “throat-slitting murder”, and even raping them, to so-say “shut them up”. However, some do not see this as a larger problem as Eminem, like many

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