The Manhattan Project's Involvement In American History

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[Essay Title] [Begin your INTRODUCTION paragraph here. Include ATTENTION GETTER, BACKGROUND, The Manhattan Project is one of the most significant events in modern American history because it helped end America's involvement in World War II through the creation of the world’s first atomic weapon; it ushered in a new era of fear as countries raced to establish and stockpile weapons of mass destruction; and it developed a new, powerful, but ethically questionable energy source. One of the reasons why the Manhattan Project is significant to American history is because it led to the development of the world’s first doomsday weapon, which, in turn, sealed the victory for the Allies in World War II. …show more content…

The U.S. became a superpower when they showed the world their superior military strength. Although America had already obtained the knowledge to create a nuclear bomb, Oppenheimer warned: Nuclear weapons were cheap and easy to create once you knew how (Rhodes). “Today eight countries brandish known arsenals, while approximately 20 others possess the technology and materials to go nuclear if they so choose” (Rhodes). One of the more powerful countries that obtained nuclear power after America was the Soviet Union. Before the United States and Russia were allies against Nazi Germany during World War II they distrusted each other because of their obvious political and social differences. “After the war,however, relations between the two countries quickly deteriorated” (“The Cold War”). During the war 20 million to 45 million Soviet citizens died and only seven million of these were soldiers (“The Cold War”). “Despite this dire situation, the Soviet Union was able to rebuild and to expand its domain, and it emerged as a significant world power” (“Rise of the Soviet Union”). When WWII ended the United States considered the Soviet Union a threat and at the same time the Soviet Union considered America a threat. This is how the Cold War began. “The Cold War spread to Asia in 1950, the year the Soviet Union negotiated an alliance with China” (“Cold War”). The Soviet Union leveled the playing field after they developed their own atomic bomb. The United States began to increase its own nuclear arsenal after Russia had developed an atom bomb. The Cold War suddenly became an Arms Race until President Gorbachev changed Russia’s nuclear weapons

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