The Many Changes In Malcolm X, By Walter Dean Myers

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As Barack Obama said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” In the biography, “Malcolm X” by Walter Dean Myers shows what made Malcolm what he is known for. Initially, Malcolm went through several events in his life that made him what he is known for including the fact that of course African-Americans were segregated. Malcolm’s sad and bad events in his life made him change to a better person such as his father, the difficulties to survive as an African-American, and his time in prison.

Earl Little’s intentions led to his death. Initially, Earl Little, the father of Malcolm, wanted to fix the racism that the African-Americans had to deal with in America. Earl Little was inspired by Marcus Garvey’s ideas and joined the U.N.I.A., which stands for the Universal Negro Improvement Association. He “spoke of the problems of the black race, and …show more content…

Primarily, Malcolm made a mistake after stealing a watch. Malcolm wanted to repair the broken crystal on the watch, yet he didn’t know that the shopkeeper he gave the watch to had details for stolen jewelry. When Malcolm came back to get the watch, he was arrested and sent to prison after trail. Shockingly, Malcolm changed excessively in prison. Malcolm had a lot of time to think about what he was going to do in his life. As a result, Malcolm started educating himself. He became better in English and also converted to Islam where he joined the Nations of Islam. Malcolm “took a correspondence course in Latin. He attended lectures offered by visiting scholars from Harvard and Yale. He read biographies of Hannibal, Ibn Saud, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Rommel, Gandhi, Patrick Henry, and John Brown” (Myer 67). To conclude, when Malcolm was sent to prison, it was a life changing opportunity where he could become innocent

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