Examples Of Racial Injustice In The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Though there are thousands of books with inspiring and powerful messages about racial injustice, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” would definitely be on my top ten list. Malcolm X was an African American Muslim minister and human rights activist that specifically fought for the rights of Black people. Throughout his life story, you will recognize that Malcolm went through various phases that helped him become who he was; each phase leaving behind a meaningful message on racial injustice. But the most captivating phase would definitely have to be when he was growing up in Michigan.
Malcolm X’s childhood growing up in Michigan shows the most compelling examples of racial injustice through the extreme prejudice that he experiences while attending middle school. One afternoon in class, Malcolm is asked by his teacher, Mr .Ostrowski, about what career he might want to go into as he gets older. “Mr. Ostrowski looked surprised...that’s no realistic goal for a nigger” (Page 38). Being as optimistic as Malcolm was, he replied saying he would one day like to become a lawyer, but his teacher disapproved of his plans. Mr. Ostrowski did not accept Malcolm’s plans, and discriminated against him and other students because …show more content…

The same day that Malcolm’s teacher disapproved of his future plans, was the same day he started to view the world a little more clearer and with determination. “I was smarter than nearly all of those white kids. But apparently I was still not intelligent enough, in their eyes, to become whatever I wanted to be” (Page 38). Although Malcolm was more clever than all of the white students in his class, he would still not be able to become a lawyer because the color of his skin prohibited it. As you can see, realizing what Malcolm did at that age and moment, stirred up a lot of powerful thoughts and emotions which led Malcolm to become the person he

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