Malcolm X: A Civil Rights Activist

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On February 21, 1965 we lost one of the worlds best freedom fighters there will ever be. Malcolm X was a strong willed and independent man who was not afraid to speak his mind. He brought the fight and will power to the black community. Malcolm X had very different ways and he was not like other freedom fighters who just talked he went out and did it. Malcolm X's assassination was very unjust he was a outspoken leader, motivational speaker and a Civil Rights Activist. However some people believe that his ways were violent and a very harsh approach to equality. Born May 19th, 1925 Malcolm grew up in a life of crime he dropped out of school a the age of eight which turned him to stealing. While in jail he learned the religion of Islam which …show more content…

field Negro( His speeches were so powerful and moved many . He even gave a speech at Oxford university to a room full of kids some were even white they enjoyed the speech and even agreed with him. Malcolm X lead others to institute change, his tactic was great for this time because he was speaking to a generation of people who were tired of how they were being treated and they were willing to fight. “Power never takes a back step only in the face of more power”, he encouraged his followers to have power and carry themselves high never let anyone have more power over you than yourself. Whenever Malcolm gave a speech he had so much energy and passion “ Malcolm X electrified urban audiences with his eloquent pose and inspirational style”. Martin Luther King even said that his “ charismatic and eloquent ways could convince you of anything”. Malcolm X laid the foundation for black power movements ( and open up doors for many …show more content…

He gave many speeches and he used his techniques that he learned in jail to achieve. He lived by this philosophy “be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone, but if someone puts their hand on you, send them to the cemetery”, He was a great speaker and he touched many hearts. Malcolm X also changed many lives and he was also a very religious man, he was a minister and he was also a family oriented man. He lead in many marches and gave countless speeches all around, wherever he was needed. His speeches would touch everyone and would get you pumped and make you want to fight back even though there were many repercussions to fighting back like people dying, getting hurt and innocent people loosing valuables. Malcolm knew that it was for the better though he knew that everyone deserved equality and he did not care how he achieved that goal he just knew that he was going to reach that goal. While many others used the peace tactic to reach equality Malcolm took it to a whole new level and this way has became a way how our nation sometimes handles

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