Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Sandra Cisneros

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Knowledge is key

Describe what both reading and writing means to authors. All authors read and write about something that resembles their past, or even about someone that inspires them. Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, and Sandra Cisneros are all amazing writers, but what does reading and writing actually mean to them? Frederick douglass wrote a lot about his life and how hard it was for him to learn how to read and write. Frederick wanted nothing more than the freedom of knowledge. Without knowledge frederick would have never been a free man. He talks about this in his autobiography, he says and i quote,”this bread i used to bestow upon the hungry little urchins who, in return, would give me that more valuable bread of knowledge.” he did everything in his very little power to learn. Once he did writing and reading was a longing escape. Soon enough he learned about the abolitionist- an abolitionist is a someone who is against slavery- and in time he soon …show more content…

Malcolm X was not the brightest man he was involved in bad things as a young man. He was sent to prison and within his lonely daily routine he would write letters. At the time segregation was a big issue. Being an African American man Malcolm took this issue personally. He wrote about how he could not express his words on paper as well as he could verbally speak. Malcolm used reading and writing to inspire others to join his movement. During his prison time he perfected his grammar and writing as best as he could. He used his knowledge to inform and inspire others. His speeches did make others rebel against segregation. A phrase from him was“by any means necessary” which meant he will do anything for equality even if it meant violence. Malcolm used his knowledge to speak and intimidate others. This worked for him and his future as a whole. Malcolm was open minded and used the power of knowledge to improve from his old state. This really helped him as a

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