The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere: Colonist

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Paul Revere was not a unique here before the battle of Lexington . Hei is one of the few people to risk their life, to save the colonists, by warning them that British were coming . “In the hour of darkness and peril and need, the people will waken and listen to hear the hurrying hoof of that steed, and the midnight message of Paul Revere” . Paul Revere was a colonist that had a mission to tell the other colonists that the british were coming to Middlesex Village . This took place on April 18, 75 . People now call this “The Midnight ride of Paul Revere” . In the longfellow’s poem it describes Paul’s ride, like they explain it from their view, they give more important parts . Paul Revere and his friends are making plan to warn the colonist

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