The Mission Statement Of Fred Victor Housing

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The mission statement of Fred Victor Housing reveals that, the agency aims at providing “responsive, accessible, and innovative housing and services” for victims of homelessness and poverty by advocating a more equitable society. Moreover, Fred victor pictures for every individual to have a domiciliary and the panorama for eloquent influence in the public. Furthermore, Fred Victor housing has numerous values and viewpoints, which have moved the organization and sustained it at the helm of affairs in terms of social transformation in Toronto. To begin with, the first value that the housing agency holds dear to its activities is the promotion of health status through direct service provision and partnerships (Stebner, 2008). Hence, this is attained through the progression of working from the idea of impairment decline and communal elements of fitness ideologies. …show more content…

Fred Victor values accountability among people, and in this light, the agency is accountable to its shareholders, especially those that subscribe to its services. The housing agency does this to allow the users achieve vital results by setting high standards for efficient use of resources (Fred Victor Housing, 2014). The guiding principle or viewpoint at this point is that, Fred Victor housing evaluates its progress against set targets and at the same time, it stays true to its mission. Furthermore, collaboration is a key value of the agency where the housing agency is committed to open and regular communication with individuals that utilize the services. This value is at the core of the housing agency`s decision making, where the agency actively seeks and nurtures partnerships in a larger society to guarantee support of its vision, as well as, the

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