The Monkey Trial: The Scopes Trial

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The Scopes Trial John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, who found himself at the center of one of the 20th century’s most famous life-changing court hearings; The Scopes Trial. It was also known as the Monkey Trial, where biology teacher John Scopes was prosecuted for teaching evolution in a public school located in Tennessee (Kemper). Prior to the trial, there was a anti-evolution law that was passed making Scopes actions illegal, this was known as The Butler Act. As a matter of fact, when Scopes went against this law it was the first step in moving towards modernism. As well as, causing America to move away from traditional values. This trial was viewed as an opportunity to challenge the authority of the law and to publicize the accuracy of Darwin’s theory of evolution (Kemper). The scopes Trial of 1925 highlighted the clash between modernism and traditionalism allowing a new perspective to form in American society that embraced the two. The Trial took place on July 21, 1925. There were crowds of people pouring into the courthouse more than two hours before the trial was scheduled to start (Kemper). Outside the courthouse, a madhouse took place, filled with barbeques, carnival games, and much more. This trial was a enormous deal to people living in Dayton and was depicted in newspapers across the country as a titanic struggle (Kemper). It was described as "a duel to the death. ' Although, what many people may not know, this trial was not an accident. It was
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