The Most Stressed-Out Generation Analysis

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A Generation of Stress “The Most Stressed-Out Generation? Young Adults” by Alexandra Sifferlin analyzes the worrying stress levels of young adults and how mismanaged that stress can be. Sifferlin uses facts and scientific studies to persuade her readers into seeing that young adults are the most stressed-out Americans. For many of the millennial generation, the fear of failure and overwhelming expectations are the root cause of this anxiety and few receive support in managing their stress. From the first sentence, Sifferlin utilizes reputable sources and statistics. The use of surveys and study builds trust from the audience based on factual information. She starts the first paragraph citing an annual analysis and the results showed that stress is increasing without a way to cope. She utilizes a test where participants were asked to rank their stress …show more content…

She keeps an unwavering tone and strong standpoint on the issue. The article presents the economy, issues securing and maintaining jobs, and relationships as the main reasons young adults are experiencing such extreme levels of stress. She highlights the reasoning behind her statements with facts and cited quotes. Sifferlin discusses the consequences and subsequent hardships that can occur with untreated stress, in addition to the anxiety of discussing these pressures. I agree with the author’s findings and thoughts. She presents her argument logically and does not waver in her opinion. She uses relevant, reliable and reputable sources to prove her stance on this issue. I agree that young adults have a large amount of stress regarding success and money and rarely have experience or resources with which to manage it. It is very difficult for many of the millennial generation to recognize and seek help for their problems. In recent years anxiety has come to rule over young adults, with little indication of

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