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The mother archetypes have come a long way since they were first identified. Dating all the way back to early literature, including The Epic of Gilgamesh. Demeter is an amazing example for the mother archetype because she is one of the best, and also one of the first in literature. Persephone is the beautiful daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Persephone and Demeter are called the Holy Twain and usually worshipped together even though their divine duties are quite opposite from one another. Demeter loses her daughter, Persephone and becomes devastated from the loss of possession of Persephone. Demeter represents this archetype by being over protective of Persephone and keeping care of her, like a mother should. "entire human race [would] have perished …show more content…

a very great example of a mother archetype is Frankie Heck from the show The Middle on ABC. Frankie is the wife of Mike and mother of Axl, Sue, and Brick. Frankie is the central character in the show, as it is her voice that is heard narrating at some point in every episode. She is a devoted wife and mother and sees family as the most important thing in her life. Her motto, "You do for family," guides her daily routine, despite the frustrations she encounters with her husband and three kids, as well as her older ailing relatives who often depend on her. Frankie attended college but did not finish. She worked as a salesman at Ehlert Motors, a job she took after losing her position as a dentist 's receptionist when the office closed, only to lose her job at Ehlert Motors. Frankie is a devoted mom to not only her house, but her children and family, her job and everything else in the familys lives. Frankie is hard working, unappreciated, but an all around great mom toward her family. Frankie is a good model because she is the living form of the mother archetype. She is a very hard worker, very relatable, and very unselfish and caring for others. Another great mother archetype example in modern literature and media is Claire Dunphy, from modern family. Claire will always fight for what’s right. An ignored request for a stop sign at a dangerous intersection led to a run for town council against smarmy Duane Bailey. Things didn’t go well at the debate as evidenced by the autotuned “Sex Freak Candidate” video that went viral afterwards. Election day didn’t go much better as Claire not only lost the race, but she also lost a fake tooth incurred during her “Fire and Nice” ice skating days with brother Mitchell. Nevertheless, Claire Dunphy will always be a winner at home and the persistent one who keeps this Modern

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