The Movie Scream

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When you put a well-known television actress as a horror heroine with a bunch of other child star actors into one thriller movie you will end up with an amazing slasher movie. Scream is an intricate “who done it” film with any characters and creative kill scenes that make it impossible to tell who the kill is. It is the classic film who originated the famous “Do you like scary movies?” line and the well-known “Ghost Face” mask, and with that Scream is was off and running into the hearts of all horror movie fans.
Scream begins with a prank call received by Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore). She’s alone in a large house out in the middle of nowhere. When she repeatedly hangs up on the creepy caller, he becomes antagonistic. The maniac soon guts Casey and her boyfriend leaving the views mortified. This opening scene, resulting in the revealing of the now iconic “Ghost Face” killer and butcher knife is one of the most memorable and popular introductions of any slasher film. The story continues the following day, with Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) arriving at Woodsboro High School to see police officers and news reporters crawling all over, inquiring and reporting on the brutal murders. “Top Story” newswoman Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) is front and center, attempting to snag some juicy details. And sure enough, Sidney is Ghost Face’s next target.
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Also, he wishes to point out the flaws of now stereotypical slashers. According to the message of the film, horror movies are all the same, constructed from familiar clichés and rules that must be broken in order to present a project with originality, wit, and intelligence. Scream goes a step further by creating directions for surviving actually existing in a horror movie. For instance, saying “I’ll be right back,” remaining virginal, and abstaining from alcohol and drugs are key survival skills to
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