The Murder Of Trinidad Bueno-Sanchez

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A Chicago father of seven children used technology to sell his iPhone 6, that turned into a tragic decision for his family.

Trinidad Bueno-Sanchez placed his phone for sale on the OfferUp app, he found a buyer and setup a meeting in a public place, a Meijer store parking lot, to exchange the phone for the $450 selling price, according to WGNtv.

Five teenage girls were waiting with an envelope full of money for the 43-year-old father, but not all of the cash was in there. The teens realized Bueno-Sanchez figured that out as he was leaning into the car. The group of girls took off with him still half inside the car.

He was dragged by their car, hitting his head on the pavement as the teenagers drove away, Bueno-Sanchez was died after three …show more content…

His daughter, Lily Olmos, shared the family's heartbreak:

"He was such a good person, he didn't deserve any of this. He was there for everything - band concerts, any type of concerts. He took us to prom, he picked us up from prom. He just did everything for us. He never said no. He was always there for all seven of us."
Three of the teens have been arrested on charges of reckless homicide and robbery. The 18-year-old passenger, Courtney Sherman, is being held on $500,000 bail. The two 16-year-old girls are being held at a juvenile detention center. Police suggest it is likely the two will be charged as adults in Bueno-Sanchez's death.

According FOX8, Deputy Chief Scott discussed the role of the girls ages in the crime:

“Young people don’t think of the ramifications of their actions. They think of what they’re planning on doing and they don’t think of the things that can go wrong … with this, everything that could have went wrong did, and it can’t get more serious than it is right

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