The Negative Concept Of Modesty

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Shawna Peter
November 13, 2017
English 120
Professor Curuso


What is modesty? What does it mean to be modest? Maybe it is a feeling or style. Is it the way people speak? Is modesty a positive or negative idea? How can one be modest? A person can be modest by appearance and attitude, behavior. There is also a part for in modesty about cultural beliefs and religious beliefs. Modesty is a concept not based solely on appearance, but attitude, cultural and religious beliefs.
Gwen, 18, and her sister Taylor, 14, were getting ready for their first day of high school. Taylor pulled out an extremely short mini skirt, yellow tube top, and gladiator sandals. Gwen, on the other hand, had a different choice of style. Her choice was a purple, medium …show more content…

The world thought she was a whore/prostitute but she was not. The way she portrayed herself caused them to get the wrong idea, just because she was not dressed modestly. On the other hand, modesty is not based on appearance alone, but attitude and demeanor. The way someone portrays themselves from the inside to the outside tells a lot about their inner selves. Are they cocky, arrogant, and boastful? Or are they humble, shy, and meek? For example, Mariah and. They were are their local park practicing their vocals for their up coming school talent show. Mariah was hitting every key perfectly and staying constant in tune. Some would say she had an angelic voice. Her best friend, Carey, was doing great but not better than Mariah. She had a little off key notes here and there. Fifteen minutes into their little practice, a small audience had gathered around them and began to cheer them on.After their practice-turned- performance, members of the audience came up to them to compliment them on what a great job they had done. “You sounded much like a professional.” One lady said shaking hands with Mariah. “Yes, I know. My vocal coach says I am the best student in the class.” Mariah …show more content…

What does modesty mean to another person out of our hemisphere? Do other cultures have their own definition of modesty? What might be considered modest to one person, might not be the same to another. If I asked numerous people ‘ what is modesty to you?’, I am sure I will receive different responses. In the Amazon, the natives dress with what they can find in nature. Perhaps you were watching a movie where the scenes’ location was a tropical rainforest. The men’s underwear were nothing but twig ropes tied to leaves. With such little coverage, one can imagine that their buttocks were just out and about, but their privates were covered. The women occasionally walked around topless but their bottoms were covered. This is considered completely normal and modest in their territory, unlike in the Western Hemisphere it is purely frowned upon, indecent, illegal, and crazy. On the side of religion, Christianity and Muslim have two different views on modesty. Christianity believes that the four b’s (back, belly, breast, and buttocks) must all be covered, while Muslim believe that the entire body must be covered, even their face sometimes. The women’s shape is not allowed to be seen neither is their hair. They are two different religions that have different definitions and belief systems of about

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