Love In Fahrenheit 451

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In fahrenheit 451, Mildred wants to kill herself because she is very unhappy. Some might argue that she is just sick, but that isn’t all because she depicts signs that she is depressed, lonely, and lacks the feeling of love. This could all be causes of society having a negative effect on Mildred and her wellbeing; technology, obsession, and being unable to cope with her emotion are all factors that play into Mildred life. Fahrenheit 451 burns through the thoughts of readers as controversy spills out of the pages. Guy Montag, firefighter, husband, and a truth seeker, goes through multiple barriers trying to figure out the questions no one dares to ask. Ray Bradbury portrays determination and a destroyed culture, to show how we are just…show more content…
Mildred hasn’t surrounded herself with loving, understanding people. She lacks the feeling of love, and even though her husband, Montag, cares about her, he is barely home. Her friends don’t even care about themselves because them, too, are emotionally disconnected, and couldn't care less about their miserable lives. Montags feelings are shallow and mediocre, he used to love her, but not the person she has become over time. On page 44, the conversation between Montag and Mildred was very bland, and even though they are communicating, they aren’t really communication. To further explain, they talk as if they never talk at all, they talk as if they aren’t husband and wife. Concluding how love is nothing but a mere fantasy in this…show more content…
In today’s society social media is widely used throughout the globe, and not everyone can monitor what goes on behind the screens. We are used to posting our pictures that qualifies everyone else’s eyes to make us look happy and content with our lives, but nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. Mildred relying on her “family” for comfort, became toxic. She never understood the true meaning of a real family, her being unable to open up left her feeling lonely. Overall, relying on technology for comfort isn't exactly promising. Societies negative effects can dwell deep within our minds and can mold, and manipulate our behaviors like second nature. It’s even sadder that some people choose suicide to get rid of their
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