The Negative Effects On Society In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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In fahrenheit 451, Mildred wants to kill herself because she is very unhappy. Some might argue that she is just sick, but that isn’t all because she depicts signs that she is depressed, lonely, and lacks the feeling of love. This could all be causes of society having a negative effect on Mildred and her wellbeing; technology, obsession, and being unable to cope with her emotion are all factors that play into Mildred life. Fahrenheit 451 burns through the thoughts of readers as controversy spills out of the pages. Guy Montag, firefighter, husband, and a truth seeker, goes through multiple barriers trying to figure out the questions no one dares to ask. Ray Bradbury portrays determination and a destroyed culture, to show how we are just on the road to what our future could become. Technology plays a major role in Fahrenheit 451; it's all over the place and they consist of brainwashing ads and trivial content that replays over and over again. Considering Mildreds condition, it's like a drug to her brain, very addicting but bad for her wellbeing. Having…show more content…
Mildred is certainly unable to cope with her emotions. Sitting in front of three television screens might be the source to why she might be brainwashed and unable to think for herself, Mildred somehow manages to be completely oblivious to when and why she would take 30-40 pills. When Mildred comes back from the hospital, Montag decided to confront her about the situation, he says “You took all the pills last night.” Mildred responds “I wouldn’t do a thing like that. Why would I do a thing like that?” (Bradbury 17) Showing how Mildred can easily hide her true emotions and brush them away as if they never happened. It is strange that she acts this way, and is without a doubt uncanny of her to do so. It seems as if Mildred hoped for happiness but forgot the actual meaning of true

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