The Outsiders Character Analysis

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Many young adult novels are full of memorable charters. Many charters face obstacles and hardship and change due to it. At the beginning of S.E. Hinton’s Novel The Outsiders Dally is hard, cold, and unbreakable. however, at the end of the story, his emotions overcome him because of what he went through. At the beginning of the story, Dally is tough, cold, and mean. He was neglected as a child and left to his own accords where he was on the streets at a young age making him grow up fast. He got in gang fights, he's robbed people, robbed stores, concealed weapons, he was incarcerated, and just not a good person to be around. Ponyboy tells the reader this when he said, “He was tougher than the rest of us tougher colder meaner.” (pg10) This shows …show more content…

In contrast to the start where he was mean and tough and didn't care about anyone but himself. To expand on that he also says, “I just don't want you to get hurt.” (pg 80) This tells the reader that he does have a soft spot and isn’t just an animal who doesn’t care about anything. He cares about at least one thing Johnny. At around the end of the novel Dally shows his true feelings when he says, “Dammit Johnny I'm begging.“ (pg 149) He says that when the only person he cares about is dying and he's begging for them not to die because without them he has nothing left. But when Johnny dies he finally loses everything he loves and decides to suicide by cop because he has nothing left to live for This shows how much he truly changed throughout the story cuz he finally broke he finally showed his true emotions but only after he lost the one thing he cared about. In the end of the story we truly find out how truly lonely Dally was when the Sodapop says, “We're all we've got left. we ought to be able to stick together against everything. if we don't have each other we don't have anything. if you don't have anything you'll end up like Dallas and I don't mean dead either.” (pg 176) This truly shows the reader how

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