The Overachievers Alexandra Robbins Analysis

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Writing Style The Overachievers, by Alexandra Robbins, is Alexandra Robbins, is the empowering story of eight students, and a glimpse of their lives during the duration of one school year. Each student underwent an idiosyncratic situation, whether it is battling ADD, peer pressure, or stress. During the duration of the duration of the school year-and high and often times unrealistic expectations put on them by themselves and their parents-each student hit the lowest point in their lives, but manage to resolve their problems, and resume living their normal lives. Robbins uses a clear, bold language and tone along with intentional stereotypes, as well as powerful diction, and didactic language to help develop the story. Robbins uses a clear, bold language and tone in her unique style of writing to help develop the story of these eight young adults. She intertwines each of the stories, and slowly develops each character. It is not continuous, but it has jumps and cuts to help develop other characters; the stories of each character begin right where it left off. One chapter talks about the first time “Ryland took Ritalin before he went to school,” (314) since “he stopped taking Ritalin after sophomore year,” (314). Robbins then talks about Ryland “after a week on Ritalin” (332). A key part to Robbins’ unique writing …show more content…

Each character’s story is intertwined with another character, such as Sam and Julie. Both Sam’s and Julie’s story begin separate from each other, but as the stories of both students’ progress, they eventually become a couple. Another example of intertwining stories is CJ and Audrey. The stories of both students also begin apart, but they both run cross-country, so Robbins connects the lives of Audrey and CJ. The flow of the stories is constant, and gradual. Each story also isn’t constant, but has many jumps and cuts to help develop the stories of other

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