The Character Analysis Of Renegades By Marissa Meyer

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In the book Renegades by Marissa Meyer, many things happen throughout the book that many will find interesting. This story follows two main characters, Adrian Everhart and Nova Artino/Mclain. In this world, there are these people who are prodigies with superpowers that they either inherit or are born with. There is also a Council that is made of the best superheroes or Renegades, all around the city that this book takes place in and the son of the top two Council members is Adrian Everhart with their leadership skills and the ability to make whatever he draws come to life. There are also villains in this world of heroes called the Anarchists and within these villains is the niece of the formerly ruler of Gatlon City during the Age of Anarchy. Nova and the other Anarchists hate the Renegades so they suggest Nova to join them to destroy them from within. But while she is among the Renegades she meets Adrian and others and her mission may be persuaded in the other direction.
The setting of the story is sometime in the future in the Gatlon City. This city is very futuristic and has many people who live in it. Some of the most important places in the book are the Renegades Headquarters,Nova’s above ground home, the Anarchist’s subway tunnels, and the Cloven Cross Library. The tone and mood of the story is very futuristic because of all the technological advances that they have in the story and it also makes it feel like New York since it is such a big city and many parts to it.

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