Is Johnny A Hero In The Outsiders

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The outsiders have a lot of heros. Many people think Ponyboy and Two Bit also Johnny are heros. However Dally Winston was brave. He was outgoing. Last but not least he was trustworthy. Who do you think is a hero in the outsiders? First, Dally was bravve. How he was brave was he gave Ponyboy and Johnny a gun to take care of themselves. He also was brave when he covered Ponyboy and Johnny while they were running away Dally said to pony “ take care kid.” he was brave when ponyboy and Johnny jumped into the fire to save the kids. Dally jumped in the fire to save ponyboy and Johnny. Second, Dally was also outgoing. After the fire him and ponyboy also Johnny were sent to the hospital and Dally was not supposed to leave but the soc’s …show more content…

After the rumble ponyboy was beat up pretty bad so Dally was taking him to the hospital, on the way they got stopped by the fuzz and Dally lied to the fuzz just to get him their. He also helped Johnny and Ponyboy get out of murder. Dally told the fuzz that ¨ Johnny and Ponyboy they were headed for Texas,¨ so the fuzz went to look for theme their. He is a type of person that if they needed a shirt he will take the one off his back and give to theme. The other side to this argument is that dally was not a hero. That all he wanted to do was rumble and drink. He really did not have any ambition in life. He was a dropout, also in New York he was accused of murder. Dallas parents did not care what he did, he could have been in jail and they would not care. He was afraid that his friends would end up like him, in the book he was talking to ponyboy and he said ¨ but don 't you go picking up my bad habits.¨ Different people have different arguments on who is a hero, this argument is about Dally Winston. How he was brave, outgoing and trustworthy. Yes you can argue that Two Bit or sodapop or even Johnny is a hero, but Dally Winston is a hero in this argument. So what is a hero? Also who do you think is a hero in the

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