Dally: Why Johnny Died A Hero

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Dally not only died a hero to Johnny, he died a hero to many others as well. Dally showed his courage when he put his life at risk to help Johnny and Ponyboy run away from the crime they committed, and he also saved Johnny and Ponyboy from the fire inside of the church. Dally might have been cowardly in some parts of The Outsiders ,but his heroic acts to Ponyboy, Johnny, and other members of the gang show that he died a hero.
First of all, Dally died a hero because he helped Ponyboy and Johnny hide from the crime that they committed even though he took a risk in doing so. Dally gave information to two wanted criminals on where to hide, and the police were not as nice to Greasers as they were to Socs. Dally could have been sent to jail for helping Ponyboy and Johnny, and instead of sending the two boys away, he helped them no matter what the consequences could be. Not only did Dally consider the fact that he was helping criminals, he also knew that due to his record of stealing, he could get in a lot of trouble. If the police caught Dally, he would be accused of helping two criminals, stealing, and maybe even murder, if he ever murdered anyone. His penalty would be almost ten times worse …show more content…

After Johnny and the others were hospitalized when they, were helping the school children, Dallas still helped the gang fight against the Socs, even though he was in the hospital. This shows that Dallas was loyal to the gang no matter what happened. Dally could have easily complained about his condition and could have decided to stay behind, but instead he was loyal to the gang. He also helped Johnny and Ponyboy when they were getting the school children out of the church. Dallas could have decided not to help them, and even though Johnny still ended up dying, Dallas helped Ponyboy and prevented him from getting any large wounds. Dally helped the gang throughout the book and in doing so he was

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