Emotions In Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio

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Emotions are a key part of any book, most authors write books with the intent of eliciting a certain response or emotion. Sherwood Anderson is no different, every chapter in Winesburg, Ohio is written to provoke the reader to think about the obvious as well as the hidden ideas. Hands and Paper Pills both produce a similar feeling in the reader, this feeling is sympathy. The two characters Wing Biddlebaum and Doctor Reefy experience hardship in their life although this hardship is one the reader may not have experienced; it is difficult not to feel some sympathy for the two characters. While most readers will feel sympathy for both character which character they feel more sympathy towards may differ. Based on the hardships Wing Biddlebaum faced …show more content…

Reefy alone once again. Dr. Reefy lost now only his wife but his confidant someone who would listen to all his thoughts and dreams, and with her gone all he could do was put away those thoughts until they crumbled away. Wing Biddlebaum’s story is very different he was a very affectionate school teacher who loved his students and tried his hardest to inspire his students to dream of great things. Wing Biddlebaum often showed this love and care to his students by caressing the shoulder and tousling the hair of his students. His hands were his way of expressing himself to his students and the world. The downfall of Wing Biddlebaum came by the way of rumors spread by a student who was enamored with Wing. He imagined horrible things and went around spreading his lies and claiming them as facts. When the rest of his students were questioned the said that he often showed them physical affection. They however did not understand what was happening. This innocent testimony by his students led one Henry Bedford to assault Wing Biddlebaum repeatedly in the school yard. This left Wing Biddlebaum with no choice but to leave the town and move to Winesburg, Ohio. Once in Winesburg Wing Biddlebaum thought

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