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The Phosphorous Cycle within the Earths Spheres

The main component of the phosphorous cycle is soil. This means that the sphere, lithosphere which includes soil is the most important sphere including biosphere which also has a part in the cycle. This is because the plants and animals are the main components, which keeps the cycle going through the stages needed for it to be completed and to occur again. The Phosphorous cycle is essential for every living organism’s in the biosphere, supplying cells with energy and ensuring that every living organism grows and functions properly.

Phosphorous is found in lithospheres earth’s crust which is obtained within the rocks. The beginning of The Phosphorous Cycle commences by weathering of the rocks. Weathering is an action which is produced by one of the earth’s spheres, hydrosphere, which produces rain causing the outer layer of rocks to break down which then releases Phosphorous. After the phosphorous has separated from the earth’s crust, it travels to the ground causing it to be combined with lithosphere, soil. Phosphorous is absorbed by the earths sphere, biosphere such as plants through their roots acting as an extra source of food. Phosphorous is needed for plants as it helps plant growth. One of animal’s main food sources is plants meaning in order for the phosphorous cycle to continue animals need to consume the plants which contain phosphorous. After the animals have consumed the plants …show more content…

Although, the environment is needed to be considered hence the recommended option is Organic fertilizer due to having no harm at all to plants and other living organisms in the biosphere. Organic fertilizer is more expensive compared to the artificial fertilizer though disadvantaged as it can affect lakes and rivers causing Eutrophication. The environment requires a less harmful product in order for pollution to be controlled and

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