The Podcast Guilty: The True Story Of Adnan Syed

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The podcast serial tells the true story of Adnan Syed a man who currently sits in jail in maryland.when Adnan was 17 years old he was accused and found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend hae min lee.serial is told by sarah koenig who investigated hae’s murder.After hearing the podcast i have come to the conclusion that if I would have found him guilty.The reasons why i believe this is because he was jealous that hae’s broke up with him,and a phone calls proves he was in leakin park the day of her death and many witnesses that adnan was going to kill hae.
I think he is guilty because he had a motivation to kill hae and that was the break up after Hae broke up with Adnan, he couldn’t accept it. He was so wounded by her, and so furious, that he decided to kill her.However nearly everyone I’ve spoke with, Adnan’s friends and teachers say he took the breakup like anyone would. “It was humiliating, what she did …show more content…

This was not a crime about love, this was a crime about pride.” (serial ep 2 pg 29).The following reason of why i think he is guilty of killing hae’s is because The most incriminating piece of physical evidence against Adnan Syed was a fingerprint, or rather, a palm print. On a map. It was one of those big map books you buy at a gas station, police found it in the backseat of Hae’s car.yet many people think that since adnan and hae were going out for more that 8 months that when he was in her car he might of touched the map. ‘’The defense argued, ‘well, you can’t put a timestamp on fingerprints, they could’ve been six week-old fingerprints or six month-old fingerprints, there’s no way to tell.’’(ep 6 pg 85)The final reason of why i believe he killed hae is because there was a call and ones where we think the cell phone really was in Leakin Park. There’s a second person who puts Jay and Adnan together that night, and that’s Jenn. Shes says that she's one of those calls Two incoming Leakin Park calls on the call log.At 7:09 and

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