The Profession Of A Teacher In Plato's Apology Of Socrates '

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Have you ever thought about the society we live in? And what does the word ‘society’ mean? Everyone will say without any doubt that it means people that surround us every day. But from a scientific perspective society is a product of interaction of people, sharing common interests, traditions and even knowledge, as a result of their social actions for the convenience of each other. And especially knowledge plays the most important role in our lives. Only being educated people will be able to create civilized society. And to be educated or, in other words, to have knowledge means not only to gain information, but also to develop mentally. And to do so we need people or a person who would be our teacher. But often pronouncing this word we don’t think about the role of the teacher in our lives. Profession of a teacher ties the ability to communication, understanding and knowledge together. From early years a person has learning to cognize the surrounding world. And …show more content…

He says that his death is more terrible for his murderers than for himself, because his inner voice, always keeping Socrates from making fault, is quite and doesn’t need to take any steps to avoid the death. Furthermore, in this case his death is welfare. The death is not evil, it is a destruction of a man, which, in its term, is an acquisition for Socrates, because he is going to meet just judges, talk to the same people as he is, even continue to discover virtues and exactly this will make him immortal. Socrates is convinced that only the absence of fear of death is the highest level of human wisdom. That’s why he states that his supporters also have not to be afraid of the death. So, it is clearly seen that the acceptance of natural phenomena is one of the wise decisions that a person can ever make. (Argument by

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