The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Media

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We live in a world that changes every day. It is one that is advancing far beyond the wild imagination of our ancestors. Technology, medicine and many other necessities have exceeded great leaps, bounds and our society is now as modernistic as ever. Although we have improved tremendously as humans, all achievements come at a cost. Perhaps one of the greatest innovations of the past decade has been the invention of the electronic media. Today, one can reconnect with a long lost friend, share photos and videos, even carrying out their day to day lives online. Yet, the pros of the electronic media come with its cons as well, such as increasing cyber bullying, lack of privacy and vulnerability to crime. The electronic media has negatively impacted the social and moral fiber of the Bahamian society resulting to…show more content…
Social media has impacted this generation both positively and negatively. Social media allows us to interact with each other like never before; we can spend time with our family and friends without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. The primary intention of social media is to connect with others but sadly we misuse and abuse it. Social media has spawned a nasty social issue and it is known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. With the advent of the Internet in the Bahamas cyberbullying has also become an issue. Facebook bullying is a common means of internet bullying. Facts about cyberbullying are emerging as it is a new thing in the Bahamas. Text messages, emails, and Snapchat are other forms of cyberbullying. A research done in the Bahamian schools shows that Girls are more likely to be involved, either as victims or bullies, online than boys are. In regular school yard bullying it is usually more boys than girls that are the culprits. The history of
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