Female Face Shaving Disadvantages

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The Pros and Cons of Female Face Shaving
Women are always looking for new and convenient ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. Perhaps it is this obsession that has led to the discovery of female face shaving. Whatever the case, female face shaving is an increasingly popular practice especially among models such as Shelley Goodstein and celebrities such as Caroline Manzo. The practice is said to have numerous benefits and risks alike. But first things first. How exactly does a woman shave her face? The first step is to apply a warm compress to dampen the skin. The next step is to apply shaving cream that is tailor made for female skin. Finally, shave with short downward strokes with a sharp micro razor. The procedure barely takes five has …show more content…

Risk of nicks and razor burns
Men, whose facial skin is twenty five per cent thicker than women’s, occasionally get nicks and razor burns from facial shaving. Thus, women are more likely to suffer from razor burns what with their delicate facial skin. However, this can be avoided if female face shaving is done gently and using the right technique. Also, female face shaving should only be done once or twice weekly to avoid irritating the skin.
3. Its rather unmanly
Some women find the whole idea of shaving their faces rather masculine. Also, the thought of being seen by someone of the opposite sex, particularly a love interest, with a face full of shaving cream can make even the most composed woman cringe. Even so, there is an easy solution. Simply, lock the bathroom door when you are shaving your face and never tell a soul about it.
Female face shaving isn’t anything new. Moreover, it is easy to perform and offers numerous benefits which outweigh the risks. If you are skeptical about doing it all by yourself, you may try a fancier option known as derma-planing. This treatment can be performed by a dermatologist or an aesthetician at a spa. Either way, to maintain the benefits of face shaving, do it once or twice weekly as

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