Violence Jean Kilbourne

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Can advertisements really cause violence in people’s lives? Jean Kilbourne’s “Two ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence” talks about how advertising and violence against women can cause women to be seen as objects. The author discusses how pornography has developed and is now part of social media, which glorifies its violence that permeates society encourages men to act towards women without respect. Kilbourne uses logical and emotional appeals as well as ethical arguments to effectively convince readers to ignore specific advertising techniques.
Jean Kilbourne author has spent most of her professional life teaching and lecturing about the world of advertising. She has produced award winning documentaries on images of women in ads, being a member of the national advisory council on alcohol abuse and alcoholism and is a senior scholar at the Wellesley Center for Women at Wellesley college. Kilbourne has served twice as an adviser to the surgeon general of the United States. Another thing is that Kilbourne has also written books which are “The New Sexualized …show more content…

Asks a three-page ad for men’s cologne. “Or do you want to be her deep, dark secret? The last page advises men,”Don’t be such a good boy.” There are two identical women looking adoringly at the man in the ad, but he isn’t looking at either one of them. Just what is the deep, dark secret? Thats he’s sleeping with both of them? Clearly the way to get beautiful women is to ignore them, perhaps mistreat them” (Kilbourne pg 489). “Two ways a woman can get hurt,” says an ad for shaving gel, featuring a razor and a photo of a handsome man. My first thought is that the man is a batterer or date rapist, butthe ad informs us that he is merely a ‘heartbreaker.’ The gel will protect the woman so that “while guys may continue to be a pain, shaving most definitely won’t.” desirable men are painful- heartbreakers at best.” (Kilbourne pg

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