The Pros And Cons Of Making The Atomic Bomb

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In August, 1945 the Japanese were forced to accept defeat in World War II due to the terrifying bombs known as “Little Boy” and “ Fat Boy.” Harry Truman stepping up to take over the presidential job and making the decision for these bombs to be dropped after the death of president Franklin D. Roosevelt will forever be known as one of the biggest decisions in American history. Over the years Americans have accumulated questions such as why President Truman made this decision, if there were any alternative options for peace, and if President Roosevelt would have made the same decision. Regardless of any decision that Truman made, most people would agree that he was making decisions that were in the best interest for our country. The choice whether …show more content…

The American troops and civilians were all very tired from the ongoing 4 year war. There were troops occupying Okinawa and Iwo Jima, two cities in Japan. The Japanese army was refusing to surrender with the 2 million troops stationed in the homeland islands of the Japan. As much as Truman did not want to have to drop the two bombs, the Japanese left the United States no other choice. The allies even demanded an unconditional surrender. Even though the demand clearly stated if there was refusal to this surrender there would be total destruction, the Japanese military command declined the unconditional surrender. This resulted in Truman making the deathly decision of nearly 150,000 Japanese civilians being vaporized by the enormous blast of the atomic bombs. Some people say that there were also other options that could have been used, but they may not have been the best. Truman Bomb 4 Truman was very limited to any solutions for peace due to the Japanese refusing the unconditional surrender. There were really only four options that President Truman was forced to consider. Option number one was to do conventional bombing on the Japanese homeland islands. This option was actually carried out with many bomb runs. After many raids, this was …show more content…

These types of bombs were not yet to be made. This option was not used because the United States was afraid that upon demonstration time the bomb could possibly be a dud. The last option was mainly used because Truman wanted to show that this war has gone way too far and pride is getting the best of Japan. This option was to bomb a populated area such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki to attempt to end the war. As deadly as this tactic was, it was the only way to end the war. Some ask if President Roosevelt would have made the decision. There isn’t much evidence to show if Franklin D. Roosevelt would have dropped the bomb, but that doesn’t one cannot assume. The Manhattan project was already in effect before FDR passed away, which means he clearly intended to either use the bomb or make a threat out of it. Sources say that Roosevelt never even mentioned the Manhattan project to his Vice President Harry Truman. Why was President Roosevelt so secretive about this specific project? Did he keep it a secret because he doesn't like the idea of using the bombs against the Japanese? Did he just want to have that secretive card up his sleeve unless things got messy? These Truman Bomb

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