Pros And Cons Of Matrimony

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Matrimony is a source of enormous happiness in the world. The priceless experiences, like being pampered by the loved one, having someone to rely on for support, being applauded for anything done, and so many more things like these, simply make life exhilarated. However, as everything has its own ups and downs, even this institution comes with some learning curves in addition to the goodies. And, these cons of marriage are usually spread-open to a woman once the honeymoon period, or shall we say, the ‘happily-ever-after’ phase is over. No matter whether they are big or small, these issues certainly make some negativity sweep inside the relationship. If these regrets stay in the mind for long, they can be harmful for the relationship. So, …show more content…

My "ex" was better The despondency in your marriage may very well make you begin contrasting your mate and your 'ex'. This is particularly on the off chance that you go for an arranged marriage, the inclination that you had a better understanding with your "ex" may very well ring a bell. Indeed, you should become aware that such correlations would ruin your relationship for eternity. BFF: “You are a counselor. You are not supposed to sow fear and doubts inside my head! Now I’m really scared.” I’m telling you what I see. If marriage was all that bad, then why would people still choose to marry? It is a great institution to belong to. Unless we were fortunate enough to have had good role models available when we grew up, most of us get into relationships little prepared and often dazed by the intricacies. The quick-fix solutions then are either a denial that any problem exists, giving up one’s self with preceding bitterness, regular disputes, or break-up of the relationship because it’s painstaking and just ‘too hard’ to be in it. With the paradigm shift over the last 30 years, many studies have focused on a single pursuit—what is the secret behind a happy marriage? The sum of all the conclusions can be put into one word—

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