The Pros And Cons Of Prison Reform

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Prison: What needs to change “Inmates are routinely released to the community without links to treatment and die at strikingly high rates in the weeks following prison release,” states Kevin Fiscella, a member of the American Journal on Public Health. While this may seem counterintuitive, the prison system in the United States has needed a major reform for years. As a product of overpopulation, lack of proper care, and overall neglect for prisoners’ health and safety, prisoners have not had the best opportunities to change. Many prisoners are victims of drug and alcohol abuse, and the health care systems implemented in most American prisons do not try to heal those who are suffering from these issues. Because of the poor conditions and lack of care for prisoners-- and , the system needs to change to prioritize the rehabilitation of people inside of prisons.
On the contrary, adversaries believe that the reform of prisons is unnecessary as it benefits criminals. People want to have offenders in prisons to shut them away from the rest of society, like ignoring an issue and …show more content…

The lack of financial support for prisons is one of the main culprits of the neglect of its inmates. As Kevin Fiscella, a well known proponent of rehabilitation in prison, states, “Without federal support, local jails and state prisons often lack the resources to meaningfully satisfy the Eighth Amendment.” Prisons require financial support from the federal government to properly protect the rights of prisoners. The government should support state prisons financially to ensure that the rights of prisoners are protected meaningfully. Large prisons can house several thousand prisoners, which without proper care and finding, can lead to serious cramming and immoral place to keep such a large amount of people. In conclusion, the federal government should support state prisons to ensure prisoner’s rights are

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