Anaerobic Exercise Analysis

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Getting fit through an established exercise regimen is perhaps one of the most frequent resolutions made every New Year. Some went on to achieve this resolution, while the majority experienced difficulties in following through with their exercise resolutions. However, a study that has been published in Heart Association’s Circulation indicated that middle-aged people can reverse the side effects brought about by their sedentary lifestyle by devoting two years of performing a regimen composed of aerobic exercises, which were created to fortify the heart and other muscles and aid the body in effectively using oxygen. A Sedentary Poison Study lead author Benjamin D. Levine reminded that the muscle in the heart's left ventricle, the part that provides oxygen-fueled blood back to the body, will stiffen through sedentary aging. …show more content…

Study lead author Benjamin D. Levine mentioned that implementing the exercise's optimal dose of four to five times a week will enable middle-aged individuals to obtain a healthy heart, and he added that the result indicated that decades of a sedentary lifestyle can be reversed through this regimen. Vice-dean for the faculty of life sciences and medicine Dr Richard Siow supported Levine's findings by saying that the study's value was in presenting to the readers that exercise can delay cardiovascular aging and can revitalize the cells in the heart and the blood vessels. Siow added that people who are suffering from conditions linked to declining learning skills like dementia can benefit from the study since a progressing heart function will orchestrate a blood flow to the brain. Hence, he suggested that further exploration must be made about the bigger results brought about by the study of healthy

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