Argumentative Essay: Pro Death Penalty

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Death Penalty
Death Penalty has two sides, the pros and the cons. The death penalty is not fair to people who turn out innocent. Death Penalty is wrong, and I don 't stand by it. I am against the death penalty.
I am against the Death Penalty. I am against the Death Penalty, because the executioners kill people that turn out, innocent. ¨The prosecutor, who had a documented history of racial bias, said he could tell Hinton was guilty and evil just by looking at him. In Hinton 's case he was wrongfully tried for murder just by a person 's opinion, and his race, and his looks. They were prejudiced. This was REVOLTING to me. ¨In 2002, three top firearms examiners testified that the bullets could not be matched to Hinton 's gun.¨ They found this evidence after the fact, when they should 've done it when it …show more content…

¨We reserve the death penalty in the United States for the most heinous murders and the most brutal and conscienceless murderers.” I can see why the Supreme Court doesn 't want these people in prison, because they might kill somebody in prison, or if they get bailed out they wouldn 't learn their lesson and do what they were doing AGAIN. ¨We have the responsibility to punish those who deserve it, but only to the degree they deserve it.¨ I can also see why they think people deserve it for their horrible actions, they believe that since they did some outrageous murder, or a really bad crime they deserve to die. ¨"Whatever your feelings are toward the death penalty, one thing most people will never know is the pain experienced when a family member, or in my case, family members are brutally tortured and murdered.¨ This is saying that families go through a lot when a murderer kills one of their loved ones, and the family wants that person executed. Personally, the death penalty in my eyes can help families feel like they 've got justice, and make them feel like they did something for the loved one that was

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