The Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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The Electoral college, I believe the electoral college is an amazing system, but many people don’t think the same way. The Electoral college gathers the votes from all the people in that state and combines them into votes that are easier to count and keep track of. Therefore, I think it couldn’t be better.
The definition of the electoral College is; a body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president. This means that each state has a set number of votes, per that states size and population. The reason there not all equal is because, if it all came down to the line one wouldn’t want the state of Rhode Island deciding who our next president is right? No, that’s why there are numbers of votes per size and population.
People often argue that their votes don’t matter since we have the electoral college, but they do matter. Peoples votes count, when one votes for the president. people are voting in a kind of state election, not a national election. So, one’s vote counts just like anyone else's in one’s state, but it may count more than or less than someone’s vote living in another state. For example the state …show more content…

“Pros and cons of the Electoral College it said this about what supporters think about the electoral college “Naturally, supporters of keeping the current system have their own statements. They claim that the Electoral College forces candidates to focus on states rather than simply cities with the most population. They say the Electoral College forces candidates to build a nationwide coalition in order to win. There are also claims that, had the Electoral College been abolished, Bush still would have won the 2000 election. They reason that, knowing the election was to be focused on popular vote, Bush would have allocated his resources differently and still managed a victory.” The idea that our nation needs to come together to pick a president is such a heartwarming

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