An Analysis Of Mccandless In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Realist: This means to have an understanding of what can be accomplished. By using this word, Krakauer was able to let the readers know that he viewed McCandless as more of a realist than an idealist. Being a realist is a noble trait, due to its denotation meaning of the word which implies that one knows their own limit and weakness and knows how to set forth and complete a goal. Ambivalent about killing animals: The meaning of the phrase is having mixed or contradictory feelings or ideas about killing animals. This is a noble trait to have because it shows how taking a life is often time a hard thing to do, but it is done so that the animal becomes food. By using this to describe McCandless, Krakauer implies that McCandless had a heart …show more content…

This phrase may have a more negative connotative meaning to it, but it shows how Krakauer was still able to see faults in McCandless while viewing him noble. To have a small amount of common sense is often times are a very bad thing. However, Krakauer uses this phrase to demonstrate how even though McCandless lacked common sense, it was not the only thing that defined him. This phrase might not have a connotative tone of being noble but it definitely does demonstrate how Krakauer was still able to see McCandless as an admirable and noble person despite his lack of common …show more content…

This represents the idea of how people saw McCandless was, but Krakauer contradicts that by saying what McCandless was not that or this. This is noble because all the traits Krakauer listed are negative and insults, and by saying that McCandless did not have or exhibits these traits, it is implied that McCandless had more noble and positive traits. Smiling in the picture: This portrays noble because Krakauer uses this phrase to demonstrate the strength that McCandless had even when he knew his time of death was coming soon. In the face of death, many people are afraid and scared, however, Krakauer, shares with the readers that McCandless was smiling. This shows how Krakauer, saw the bravery and courage that McCandless had even up to his inevitable end. Peace: This means to be free from disturbance. This is noble because it means that McCandless had come to the conclusion that he was going to die and was fine with that. By saying McCandless was at peace, Krakauer was able to demonstrate, how he saw McCandless free from everything he was trying to escape, and when it came time to die, he was fine about it. That death did not scare McCandless anymore, this is how Krakauer was able to use peace to demonstrate his view of McCandless being

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