The Right Decision To Take Native American Land In The Late 1800s

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Due to Westward Expansion in the late 1800s, the Native American's land was taken away by the U.S. government. The U.S. government made the wrong decision to take Native American land and give it to the settlers. Native Americans had the land first. However, people who disagree say the U.S. had a growing population and they needed a place to live and farm. The government’s decision to take Native American’s land was an atrocity.
The United States was wrong for many reasons. To start, the Native Americans had the land first. It was wrong of the Americans to take their land because they were there long before the American settlers arrived. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson also stated “All men are created equal.” Even though this quote was stated in the Declaration of …show more content…

Finally, the U.S. Army murdered thousands of Native Americans. Murdering thousands of people for no reason is inhumane.
On the other hand, many people thought the U.S. made the right decision to take Native American land. First, Native Americans were uncivilized people. Their religion is unique to the religions Americans practice. Also, The U.S. needed to expand. In order for the country to improve, it would benefit the government to expand. Additionally, the U.S. had a growing population and they needed a place to live and farm. This is good because more farms means a better economy. Finally, “Manifest Destiny”. This was a belief that the Christian God wanted the people to move west.
Nevertheless, the U.S. should not have taken Native American land and there are many reasons why the opposing view is wrong. First, Americans have a right to freedom of religion so this contradicts the Bill of Rights. Secondly, the U.S. didn’t have to expand in the West if someone was already living there. They could have expanded anywhere else. Furthermore, they could’ve just made more farms on the land they

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