The Role Of Drugs In Prisons

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According to many surveys across the nation, currently, just over two-thirds of the American public believe the government should emphasize a lesser amount on criminal convictions for re-elections and more focus on offering treatment for people who abuse illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Additionally, a significant proportion of Americans feel that those convicted of possessing small amounts of cannabis should not receive jail time, and there are some states had scrapped the idea of mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenders altogether because of budgetary woes. More importantly, individual states approach towards drug use are beginning to shift from a criminal issue towards and health problem that requires rehabilitation instead of sending more drug offenders to over populated prisons. …show more content…

It seems that our nation has a difficult challenge; at least, not at this particular moment. The most up to date information disclose that inmates who are in prison for drug-related charges experience the utmost return rates of all criminal offenders. This data conveys that making drug offenses a criminal problem isn’t working for individuals who are caught up in the justice system. Instead, the 50 states need to approach America’s growing drug problem by allocating resources to drug courts or centers that focus on treatment and prevention rather waste taxpayer money on new

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