The Role Of Gladys Elphick In Australian History

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There are many Indigenous role models who have impacted and contributed to Australian society. It is important for people to recognise the contributions and achievements Australian indigenous people have made. Through research this assessment explains in detail the upbringing and life events of Gladys Elphick and the contributions she has made to Australian History.

Gladys Elphick grew up on the Yorke Penisula, where she was born on the 27th of August 1904 (Fisher, 2007). At eight months old Gladys lived with her great-grandmother and was of Kaurna-Ngadjuri descent. Gladys attended school until the age of twelve where she participated in activities like horse riding, swimming, sports and learning to play the organ (Fisher, 2007). Once Gladys …show more content…

She worked diligently to bring a group of women together to form the council of Aboriginal Women of South Australia. This was the first women’s group to express their views and share ideas in Australia (Fisher, 2007). Based on research, there was no evidence to imply that Gladys experienced any prejudiced comments on her mission to set the women’s group up. Together the group had power to make decisions that helped create equality among indigenous and non- indigenous women. This group worked cohesively together to provide indigenous people with social and sporting activities to improve their health and wellbeing (Gladys Elphick Award, 2013). These activities included, many sporting groups, arts, crafts, and public speaking workshops to help woman confidently share their ideas. Women were provided with a shelter that included health services, legal aid and a …show more content…

She was appalled by the living conditions among aboriginal people, this motivated her to join the council of aboriginal women of South Australia where she spoke for many, and she was able to work the rights of indigenous people. Organized dances to raise money for aboriginal children, soon after the women’s council for Aboriginal men were founders of indigenous medical service. All these events led to opening of aboriginal education centre in Underdale Adelaide. These awards recognise community spirit and acknowledge the outstanding contribution Aboriginal women make to the community (Government,

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