The Role Of Heroism In Yann Martel's A & P

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In the story “A&P”, Sammy is cashier at a grocery store. In the beginning Sammy is complaining how boring his job is. He complains how dull society is everyday and nothing that comes into the store is boring. Until three girls walk into the store wearing bathing suits. People just do not wear bathing suits in public places, so customers in the store were shocked by how the girls dressed. Everything was kept calm until Lengel, the store manager, shows up. Lengel sees the girls and goes up up to them. Lengel calls the girls out on their outfits and embarrasses them. Sammy is angry at his manager and decides to quit. Lengel tells Sammy how hard life is going to be. Sammy's rash decision near the end of the story shows how not thinking actions …show more content…

Sammy has quit his job to stand against Lengel. Sammy wanted to show his heroism to the girls and hope that they saw him being brave for quitting his job. Unfortunately, the three girls didn’t stick around to exchange numbers or maybe even a kiss on the cheek and the story ends on a kind of lonely note. Sammy is now outside the grocery story, looking in where he sees Lengel checking out people, since Sammy quit. Even though he left the store of his own will, he probably feels lonely to be shut out of something he used to be a part of. He is also outside the society the girl is in, a society that might encourage daring acts like wearing bathing suit in public or even the immaturity of quitting your job. Near the end, Lengel expresses the statement that Sammy life is going to be hard for me. Sammy starts to fear of a hard life since Lengel said something to him. Sammy has learned that choices have consequences. Some choices need to be made carefully, with great consideration for other possible outcomes. Sammy in young and immature and he does understand that there are times that a person needs to keep opinions to themselves. Sammy will learn that there is a time and place for his opinions, but expressing them all the time without control will result in being fired or exclude from

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